F^3 Chicago Winter Half Marathon

Charity Partner

Garden Center Services

The F^3 Half Marathon 2017 is proud to support Garden Center Services

Garden Center Services is a local Chicagoland nonprofit that serves adults with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities through innovative and community-based programs.

GCS is committed to supporting and empowering those they serve through community based living arrangements, therapeutic and vocational day programs, a community based employment initiative, and much more. GCS’s commitment to excellence means that they strive to ensure all services are person-directed, creating a platform where consumers are empowered to live the lives they want with access to the best fit of supports so that they can be active and independent members of their communities.

The support provided by the partnership with F3 Events may:

  • allow GCS to grow their new running and walking club (The Sunny Striders Running Club) to accommodate more members with physical support needs
  • provide opportunities for participating in local running events
  • provide access to quality dental and medical care
  • keep healthy food choices available in homes
  • help to cover the costs associated with supported employment