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Prepare for Race Day

Chicago winter half marathon start time and location

Schedule of Events

8:00 am

Gear check opens

9:40 am

Group warm up inside the United Club

9:48 am

Half Marathon runners will be ushered outside to start line

10:00 am

Half Marathon starts

10:20 am

5k Runners are ushered outside to the start line

10:30 am

5k starts

11:00 am

11:30 am

Post-race party begins at Kroll’s

Awards table open for half marathon age group awards.

Awards ceremony for top 3 men and women in 5k

12:00 pm

Awards ceremony inside the United Club for top 5 men and women in the half marathon

1:30 pm

Course closes

1:40 pm

Gear check closes

Spectators and Friends

Spectators and friends are welcome to join us before and during the race in the United Club and at the post-race party. Athletes, friends and family can sign up for race day messaging here to get real-time updates on the participant’s progress.


Our star team of photographers will be out taking photos of you as you run. As always, the photos will be available for free download after the event. If you see them, don’t forget to SMILE!

Our partners at Physicians Immediate Care are providing a state of the art photo booth at this year’s race.  You will have the ability to take and print unlimited photos from your phone.  Photos will be available for pick up at the Physicians Immediate Care table located in the United club the day of the race!

To get a personalized photo at the F3 Lake Half Marathon:

  1. Follow @visitphysicians on Instagram
  2. Take a photo using Instagram
  3. Use the hashtag #visitphysicians in your caption
  4. Pick up your photo at the hashtag printing station located at the Physicians Immediate Care booth!

FREE magnets to commemorate YOUR day! In the United Club!

gear check

Gear Check

Gear check opens at 8:00 am and closes at 1:40 pm.

It is located inside the United Club on the East Side of the building, on your left as you exit the North Garage.

Look for the line that corresponds to your bib number. There will be zip ties for you to secure your gear check tag to your bag. There is no specific bag you have to use; feel free to use any bag that will hold all of your belongings.

Chicago half marathon course map


There are 4 aid stations on the half marathon course, each which you hit twice. Each aid station is equipped with KRā Sports Drink (first), water, first aid kit, and a bathroom.

The courses have been measured, with USATF Certification pending. Preliminary maps can be found here:

Post-Race Party

After you have raced head on over to Kroll’s for our after party! Kroll’s is the closest bar to Soldier Field and is easily accessed on foot over the 18th Street Bridge.


     CARA is here to support you through winter and spring half marathon and marathon training. CARA’s winter and spring programs provide a day-by-day training plan from CARA Director of Training Leah Bohr, pacer led long runs by experienced group leaders, coach led mid-week speed work with CARA Coach Tom Cuffe, hydration support along your route with water and Gatorade Endurance, access to the NovaCare Injury Hotline, a weekly educational newsletter, a long sleeve tech shirt and more!



Train with the CES Winter Warriors! Get more information here.


As an added benefit to the participants of the F^3 Lake Half Marathon, we are proud to introduce the Official Pace Team, presented by Chicago Endurance Sports (CES). The CES Pace Team provides even splits and camaraderie amongst runners striving to reach similar goals.  Whether you want guidance and support as you strive to finish your first half marathon or you are running for a new PR – the CES Pace Team will get you there.

The Chicago Endurance Sports Pacers will lead groups for the following finish times (pace/mile):

    • 1:30
    • 1:40
    • 1:50
    • 2:00
    • 2:10
    • 2:20
    • 2:30 – run/walk (5/1)
    • 2:45 – run/walk (5/1)
    • 3:00 – run/walk (4/2 or 3/2)
    • 3:30 (sweep) walk


  1. Arrive to your starting corral early with enough time to find your pacer. Look for the bright sign with a finishing time at the top of a stick.
  2. Don’t weave in and out of participants in the first stretches of the race to stay with the pace team. Keep them in sight and conserve energy while allowing the crowd of runners to thin, and then rejoin them. If you are separated for other reasons, such as using the restroom, try to make up lost ground gradually.
  3. If your desired finish time is between the paces offered, start with the slower group and gradually speed up in the middle of the race. It’s much easier physically and mentally than dropping off the back of a faster group.
  4. Practice running with a pace bracelet or tattoo to find the easiest ways to read them while running and to make sure you are comfortable. You don’t want to rely on these items and then not be able to use them. This can be very stress inducing!
  5. Meet the runners around you. You share a common goal, and the camaraderie formed in these groups can be a major asset to your running. Have fun!

CES gives you the guidance, coaching, and motivation needed to achieve your fitness goals – no matter if that goal is to complete your first 5K, or to set a personal record in an Ironman Triathlon. Others simply hand their athletes the same schedule year after year and tell them to follow the person in front of them. We take an individualized approach to understanding your definition of achievement and then coach you every step of the way. Join CES and we’ll bring out the best endurance athlete in you.
To learn more about Chicago Endurance Sports and the wide variety of training programs they offer, visit
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